Climate Impact on Infrastructure

iCliCs is investigating the impact of climate changes on infrastructure elements through stressor-response methodologies to assist policy makers and infrastructure professionals in making investment and design decisions.

Climate Change on Water Resources

iCliCs is investigating the potential threat to water resources from climate change and the associated development impacts at local, national, and regional levels.

Climate Impact on Policy

iCliCs is investigating the need to enhance policy approaches in high, medium, and low income countries in response to predicted climate changes and the resulting impacts on current and future decisions.


iCliCS is taking the evolutionary approach that a holistic analysis is required to fully understand the potential immediate and long-term effects of climate change. Focusing on multiple infrastructure assets, iCliCS provides strategic analysis drawing upon state-of-the-art climate science, engineering, and, interdisciplinary research. All of iCliCS research is undertaken with the perspective of informing local, national, and regional policies, procedures, and investments in both developing and developed countries.