Climate Change & Development Policy

Hosted by: United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER)

Helsinki, Finland

28-29 September 2012

Presentation 1: "Evaluating Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Southern Africa"

Plenary Session 2. Joint presentation with UNU-WIDER and MIT Joint Program for Global Change.

Presenters: Ken Strzepek, Channing Arndt, Adam Schlosser

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Presentation 2: "Strengthening Research Capacity"

Joint presentation with Innocent Matshe, Director of African Economic Research Consortium

Presenter: Alyssa McCluskey

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Presentation 3: "Strengthening Research Capacity"

Presenter: Amy Schweikert

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2012 Energy Justice Conference

Hosted by: University of Colorado at Boulder Law School

Boulder, Colorado

17-18 September 2012

Presentation: "Impacts of Energy Deficits in Cooking, Illumination, Water, Sanitation and Motive Power"

Presenter: Paul Chinowsky

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Engineering Project Organization Conference

Hosted by: Engineering Project Organization Society (EPOS)

Rheden, The Netherlands

10-12 July 2012

Presentation: "National Infrastructure Planning: A Holistic Approach to Policy Development in Developing Countries"

Presenter: Amy Schweikert, Paul Chinowsky

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Presentation to Africa Infrastructure Diagnostic (AICD) Group, World Bank

Presented at: World Bank, Washington, DC

February 2011

Presentation: "The Cost of Climate Change Adaptation for Infrastructure"

Presenter: Paul Chinowsky

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